Parish Bulletin

As a community of faith, we are encouraged to stay connected and pray for one another.

Mass Intentions

Saturday, April 17
4 PM Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jobin

Sunday, April 18 
8:30 AM Parishioners
10 AM Angelo Ippolito
12 PM Maria Davis

Monday, April 19: Betsy Mosher
Wednesday, April 21: Maria Davis

Sacraments & Worship

Drive-By Communion
1-1:30 PM
Our Lady of Fatima

2:30 – 3:15 PM
Saint Bridget

8:30 AM
before daily Mass
Our Lady of Fatima

8 AM
Our Lady of Fatima



Join us for Guided Prayer
Monday, April 27 
7 PM
Saint Bridget Church

New Ministry Opportunities
As we look forward to slowly re-opening, we are looking for volunteers to help us bring critical ministries to life, including Welcoming, Hospitality, Outreach, and Family Ministry. Volunteer for a brief time or you can make a longer-term commitment. Your time and input are invaluable! Contact us to learn more:

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Faith Formation
 No classes April 18 or April 25 (school vacation)
May 2 – last day of online classes
Sunday, May 16 – First Holy Communion Retreat
3 PM
Our Lady of Fatima and livestream

Easter flowers were donated in loving memory or honor of

Joe Albanese
Doreen & Joe Allain
Emile & Emelia Allain
Doreen & Joseph Allan
Gregorio Aquitania
Eufrosina Aquitania
Jason Wallace Baily
Parker A. Bailey Sr.
Richard M Bates
Margaret Q. Bellefontaine
Sybil C. Bellefontaine
Wallace F. Bellefontaine Jr.
Wallace F. Bellefontaine Sr.
June D. Bennett
Laurence Bennett
Maria Bernardo & Family
Bob & Geri Boyd
Helen & Norma Brettell
Mr. & Mrs. John  Brothers & Family
William Broughton
Catherine Broughton
Nora Broughton
Jimmy Broughton
Joseph Broughton
Carmel Browne
Almario A. Bucal
Andres Bucal
Eusebia Bucal
Claire T. Burgarella
Anne Marie Callahan
Anne & Peter Carroll
Arthur & Adele Carroll
Charles & Josephine Carruba
Wei Jen Chang
Monique Cloutier
Coakley Family
Martha & Charles Cole
Joseph & Bertha Colombo
John & Joan Conners
Nancy Cooney
Robert Crane
John Crane
Frank Crowley Family
Charles & Mary Cummings
D’Errico Family
Paul Dallaire
Carolyn Dapo
Maria Davis
Edward Deane
Carolyn Delaney
Alfred E & Gloria M. Desmarais
Donald H. Dichard
Margaret Dineen
William & Margaret Doherty
Donahue & Sears Family
Anna Duggan
Dick Duggan
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Duggan
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy  Duggan
Margaret & Mildred  Duggan



Ann & Edwin Duncan
Tom & Kay Ehlerrs
Guy & Rose Fantucchio
John G. Fantucchio
Joanne Fantucchio
Thomas & Lillian Ferguson
Joann Fields
Patrick Finelli
Daniel Frazer
Zig Gelsinon
Evie Gibson
Glencross Family
Arthur Gorham Family
Robert Graham Family
Patty Hanschett
Joe & Grace Hansis
Edward Harvey
Geraldine Harvey
Margret Hayden
John Michael Healy
Devin Hegarty
William & Claire Hegarty
Rose & Timothy Hickey
Grace Hogan
Kathryn & Thomas Hornes
Mary R. Hudson
Carey Hudson
Sheila Hudwall
Thomas M. Hughes
Gloria Hull
Anthony Intoccia
Jeyamany Family
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jobin
Karuna & Raju Kasippillai
Margaret Kendall
Kay & Fred Kendra
Timothy Kendra
Joseff & Ludwika Kendra
Bill & Mary  Kneeland
Mary Rita Konetzny
George Kraby
Pierre Laurendeau
Camiele Laurendeau
Germaine Laurendeau
Gertrude Kraby
Martis LaPointe Sr.
Raymond Leach
Bertin LeBlanc
Alberta & Antoino LeBlanc
Rod,Berton & Raoul LeBlanc
Douglas Lewis Jr.
Edwin Linteri
Jane Loconto
Francis P. Lynch
Robert Macomber
Marion C. Marsh
Robert Marsh
Hope Mary Matthews
Everett & Ann Mawn
Flora & James Mazerolle



Bob & Rose McCart
Jack McMillan
James H. McNulty
Joanne Melesky
Rosalia Mendolia
Alphonse Micciche
Sam & Marion Micciche
Ann E. Mores
Francis J. Mores Sr.
CJ  Moscatal
Tony Moscatal
Marie Moscatel
Sally Muollo
Eileen & John Murphy
Mike Nee Family
Jim & Gloria Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nugent
Mr. & Mrs Hugh P. Nugent
OBee O’Brien
Catherine O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony  O’Brien Family
Bob & Georgette O’Malley
William  O’Toole
William & Connie O’Toole
Diane Paglia
Bailey A.  Parker Sr.
Mary Pasquarello
Ted Pasquarello Sr.
William & Lucile Pelham
Isabell Petitpit
Matthew Philpott
John & Jennie Piantedosi
Catherine Roberts
Ellery Robichaud
Sasiuk Family
Jacob Sawutz Family
Cynthia Scheurle
William Sexton
Charles Smith Family
Frank & Mary Sullivan
Bernard Tarara Family
Thangaratnam Family
Sal Troli
John R. Trubiano
Mary R. Trubiano
Kevin Tyska
Nancy Valentino
Leonard Van Vorse Family
William J. Vasas
Helen Velie
Betty Vifquain
Herb & Alice Vivian
Charles & Elizabeth Vivian
James Wallace
Bruce Warila
Donald & Nancy Wasiuk
Stephen Weber
Tom & Edie White
Doris Wilkowski
Faith Wilson
John Wilson Jr.




Prayer requests from our community

Each submission will be moderated before it is posted, so there may be a short delay before the request is posted. Prayers marked as confidential will not be shared.