COVID Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for all Masses

Parishes can use a simplified form of social distancing in church seating: Use only every other pew, and ask people who are not in the same household to spread out to approximately double arm’s length between themselves and the person next to them in the pew.

All parishioners over the age of 5 are required to wear a mask during Mass, over both the nose and mouth.

Pre-registration continues to be required. You can find registration on our Worship In-Person page.

We will utilize one entry way: front doors at Saint Bridget and the parking lot entrance closest to the front door at Our Lady of Fatima. Greeters will guide parishioners to their seats to avoid any congestion.

During Holy Week, the congregation may sing the various acclamations appropriate to the services. Additionally, starting immediately, Mass parts (but not the responsorial psalm) may be sung by the congregation. The congregation should, of course, continue to wear their masks during this singing.

All seating is disinfected after each Mass.