COVID Safety Guidelines

Updated Protocols

Dear Friends,
I’m sure you are aware that as of May 29th most COVID restrictions will be lifted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For all of us, this journey through COVID has been a long one. It is not over yet, but we have made tremendous progress.
Here’s what’s happening at Ascension this weekend:
  • Registration for Masses is no longer required.
  • Congregational singing is now allowed.
  • One side of the church will be open seating as things were before the pandemic and the other side will be reserved for those who wish to continue to social distance and wear masks.
  • The Sunday Masses at 10 AM and Noon will continue to be livestreamed.
Use your discretion in deciding whether or not you and your family are ready to take off your masks and sit near other parishioners. The dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation is still in place, and even when it is lifted you should stay home if you are feeling ill.
Some of you are ready for things to be as they were before the pandemic. Others are nervous about the loosening of restrictions. Regardless of how you feel, the important thing for us is to be together–in person or online–to share the Good News and celebrate the mysteries of our faith.
God bless,
Father Gerald