“For as in one body we have many parts, and all the parts do not have the same function, so though many, are one body in Christ and individually parts of one another.”
Romans 12: 4-5

Serving opportunities

As followers of Jesus, we are called to serve one another. Through our ministries, we lift spirits, build relationships and strengthen our community. Positions can be temporary or permanent.

Welcoming Ministry


Our Greeters create the first impression for our visitors and play an integral role in setting a welcoming tone for Ascension Parish. Meets and greets people at the door before Weekend Masses in a joyful, welcoming manner so that everyone feels the Spirit of Christ before they enter the Sanctuary. Also, assist with any special needs as requested.


Our Hosts continue the spirit of Hospitality begun by the Greeters and help assure the Greeters and help assure the Liturgical Celebration flows smoothly. Assists people in finding their seats at the beginning of Masses, provide assistance as needed during the Sunday Eucharistic Celebrations and Holy Days.


Our Hospitality Team is the cornerstone for cultivating a sense of belonging for both our parishioners and visitors. The team will identify and create meaningful social gatherings around the Sunday morning Masses, as well as other opportunities to bring the community together.

Faith Formation & Family Ministry


Grades 1-5 faith formation uses the Word of Life curriculum from the Augustine Institute and Ignatius Press. Lesson plans are provided. We are looking for catechists and assistants to help our elementary school-aged children grow as disciples!

Small Group Leaders

Middle and High School faith formation uses a centralized lesson model for teaching then breaks students up into small groups for discussion. As a group leader you will help facilitate discussion among the students and help lead any planned activities. You will be a model of the faith to the students and guide them on their faith journey. No planning is required, all materials provided to you.

High School Aide

High school students are welcomed and encouraged to assist catechists during Faith Formation classes. The younger students look up to the high school students as role models of the faith. High school aides also can learn skills in leadership.

Core Team

We are looking for adults who are committed to working with high school youth. Core team members will be role models to the teens. Members need to be present to the teens and help them grow in their faith as they are also working on their own faith.


Our goal is to provide various social and faith formation-related events to all families in the parish. These events will allow parishioners to meet and interact with one another, as well as offer opportunities to learn about various topics related to family life and faith. We are looking for individuals to serve on the planning team for these events.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word Assistant

Our Children’s Liturgy of the Word takes place during the 9 AM Sunday Mass. Geared toward elementary-aged children, it provides the Sunday readings and Gospel in an age-appropriate format. This ministry is open to all adults; this is not a teaching or classroom experience; training and materials are provided.

Pastoral Care Ministry


Parishioners who are seeking help in this ministry have recently experienced a great loss. They need someone who is warm, kind, and compassionate to be there for them and help them understand they are not alone during this time of suffering. Ministry Lead:  Jody O’Malley.


There are many parishioners who are unable to worship with us in person. By bringing them the Holy Eucharist they are able to receive the graces from it, as well as feel like they are a part of the parish even if they are not physically present. Ministry Lead:  Jody O’Malley.

Adult Discipleship Ministry

Prayer Team

Our prayer team supports Father Gerald in creating a worship culture that equips the parish community in consistent prayer and acts of piety. Training offered to assist in the set-up of Eucharistic Adoration. Ministry co-leads Elisa Riedl and Pat McCarthy.

Small Groups

Small Groups is where our large parish gets small. Groups of 6-12 people meet to discuss their faith, experiences and struggles, and our commitment to bring our faith into our daily lives.

Liturgical Ministry


Sacristans assist with the liturgical environment of each church by reverently caring for our sacred altar cloths, including washing and ironing the linens, as well as various responsibilities within the sanctuary. Ministry Leads are Anna Roughsedge at Our Lady of Fatima, contact, and Barbara Currin at Saint Bridget, contact .

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