You were created on purpose, with a purpose and for a purpose. Wherever you are in life, you will always have a next step. Much like our physical health, our spiritual health needs to be holistic: mind, heart, and actions. While each discipleship path is different, there are key elements.


We have been given unique gifts and talents by God. Using our gifts to serve in ministry creates environments for others to experience God's presence in our parish family and in our extended community.


We seek to honor God in all areas of life, and this includes our finances. As stewards, of the resources God has given us, we are called to sacrificial giving, which means progressively giving a percentage of our income to the local church and to the poor.


We believe faith grows in a circle.In Small Groups, we grow in fellowship and relationship with one another and with God, and in ways we cannot grow on our own. Small Groups are where our big church gets small.


We know God wants us to live lives of integrity and virtue that stem from our personal relationship with Christ. We strive to deepen our prayer life, turn to scripture, and receive God's grace through the Sacraments.


As followers of Christ, we are called to build His kingdom. When we share our faith with others, we seed hope, spread love and experience our own spiritual growth.