Message Series

At Ascension Parish, we preach in Message Series. By exploring a single theme over the course of multiple weekends, we hope to tie the Good News of the Gospel to what's happening in our world, our culture, and our community. Our faith formation lessons, teens in youth ministry, and our Small Groups all explore the current series in greater depth.

Sunday Homily

How often have you asked, "God, what is your plan for my life?" It is said that God whispers to us because He is so close. In week one of Game Plan, our challenge is to listen for His voice, find His presence, and acknowledge God isn't just leading your life. He IS your life.

An electronic version of a playbook to accompany this series is available through the link below.

Current Message Series: Game Plan
Current Message Series: Game Plan

Tackling God’s plan for your life can be frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. Where God is concerned, there should be joy, peace, and trust. Join us for this 4-week series that includes a personal journal to create your own game plan.

Sunday, September 12 ~ The Fundamentals

Sunday, September 19 – Penalties and Replays

Sunday, September 26 ~ Tackling Stumbling Blocks

Sunday, October 3 ~ Teamwork